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Bring joy and purpose to learning as we empower students to become academically independent. We use the benefits of team (sports or otherwise) to achieve academic success. We are teachers & coaches.

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  • Confidence Boosted
  • Joy Brought to Learning
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Eric "Bald E.Gil" Gil CEO-Nerd-Founder
Jeanne Jacqueline - Spec Ed. Specialist  - Elementary Ed Tutor
Alexis Planas - After School Specialist
STEM & Score After school Program (Sports + Math)
After School Conference Event
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Online/Virtual Tutor (All Subjects)
Category: Education
About the Role  Driven to make a difference in how students see their potential? Want to help kids develop understanding and confidence?  Tutors attach meaning to concepts to increase learning. Our best work is done when students are empowered to use tools and strategies for independent success.  Tutors will plan and implement lesson plans. You’ll collaborate with the child’s teacher and more
Contact: Eric Gil "Bald E. Gil"
Phone:(424) 327-5702

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