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Arthritic conditions can have a significant impact on the daily function of individuals. The effectiveness of new and important treatment advances for a number of inflammatory conditions can help improve quality of life.

The rheumatology team at our Arthritis Center of Western Colorado evaluates and treats an entire spectrum of more than 100 types of arthritis and related illnesses, some of which can be difficult to treat and may evolve over time and have serious consequences.

Rheumatologists, using their puzzle-solving cognitive and clinical skills, integrate patient-derived information in their assessment, which may include imaging studies such as x-ray, MRI, CT scan, and ultrasound, as well as laboratory services. This collective insight allows for a comprehensive, individualized treatment goal of improving patient outcomes and well-being.

As part of the comprehensive care and optimal management of our patients, the Arthritis Center of Western Colorado also offers state-of-the-art Infusion and Injection Therapy managed by a Board Certified Gerontological Nurse Practitioner.

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