2023 Fruita Fall Festival - Vendor Application

September 22nd (3pm-10pm)
September 23rd (10am-10pm)

Applications due September 2nd, 2023
Write NA if not applicable
Please indicate all products and services you will provide at the event.
Details about each vendor type are located on our website at fruitafallfestival.com
Pricing options are available on our website at fruitafallfestival.com. If you require more than a double booth space, please select 10x20 and contact our office at 970-858-3894 for more information on acquiring a larger booth space. We have limited booth spacing, so approval is based on availability.
Each additional foot costs an additional $30. Staff will contact you to confirm your additional spacing requirements. Space is limited and approval will be dependent upon availability.
NOTE: Vendors are responsible for bringing a back up generator for their electrical needs and may use their own generator if provided written permission by Fruita Fall Festival Staff.
Additional plugs cost $50 each
(For food trucks ONLY) Please indicate where your access door is located
*If your setup is a trailer, please appropriately check the above boxes noting both your service window and trailer access door location with respect to the various sides of your trailer. * Booth space noted above MUST include any additional tables, chairs, awnings, tents, hangings, signage, hitches, etc. If you exceed designated booth space noted above, you may be asked to remove items to stay within area provided. NO EXCEPTIONS
(For food trucks ONLY) Please indicate where your service window is located
Please provide exact measurements in feet. The length and depth measurement must be accurate for your set up. If you do not fit the booth space requested, you may be denied the right to your space and NO REFUND will be given. PLEASE be honest and careful regarding your booth space requirements. IMPORTANT: If your set up is a trailer, be sure to include the trailer tongue, hitch, and open rear access door (if applicable) in your measurements.
Please provide any vehicle and trailer license plate number which will be accessing the Fruita Fall Festival venue.
How would you like to pay? *
Final invoices will not be sent until your application has been reviewed and approved by the committee.
Application Requirements
Every application must be submitted with the following. Any applications submitted missing any information will not be reviewed by the committee or hold a reserved booth space
This license is specific to the City of Fruita. Information can be found at: bit.ly/FruitaBizApp or by calling 970-858-3663 to obtain your business license.
If you do not have a copy of your Fruita business license, you may email it to events@fruitachamber.org. Please note that your application will not be reviewed until this document has been received. *
This certificate can be uploaded here, mailed to 432 E Aspen Ave Fruita, CO 81521 or emailed directly to events@fruitachamber.org. Some exclusions may apply. Contact Chamber staff with questions.
If you do not have a copy of your certificate of insurance, you may email it to events@fruitachamber.org. Please note that your application will not be reviewed until this document has been received. *
This is a special events tax license REQUIRED by the State of Colorado. For more information or to obtain your license, please visit tax.colorado.gov/special-event-license
If you do not have a copy of your special event tax license, you may email it to events@fruitachamber.org. Please note that your application will not be reviewed until this document has been received. *
This annual approval letter is REQUIRED by the State of Colorado. For questions, please email events@fruitachamber.org or contact our office at 970-858-3894
If you do not have a copy of your annual fire inspection, you may email it to events@fruitachamber.org. Please note that your application will not be reviewed until this document has been received. *
A non-refundable $100 down payment to secure your booth (an invoice will be sent to you following your application submission) *
I understand that the full payment is due before September 8, 2023 at 5:00PM, missing this deadline will mean surrendering my spot and deposit. *
I understand that by submitting this application I am applying to the Fruita Fall Festival and I am not guaranteed a spot in the 2023 Fall Festival. *
The Fruita Chamber of Commerce frequently receives contact requests for vendors at other local events. Would you like the Chamber to share your information with other event coordinators? *
I understand that the Fruita Chamber reserves the right to decline any event application and is not required to give reason *
I understand that that my $100 down payment will be deposited and will only be refunded if my application is denied, or if I am put on a waiting list. *
I understand that there will be no refunds given after 5:00PM September 8th 2023. *
I release and hold harmless the Fruita Fall Festival Committee, the Fruita Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Fruita and any associated entities from any and all liability, including, but not limited to, theft, personal injury, acts of war, or acts of God. *
I understand that by submitting this application I am committing to the Fruita Fall Festival. Unless I am told that my application has not been accepted or I am wait listed, I plan on attending the Fruita Fall Festival as a vendor in good standing. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of all booth fees and an additional $300 No-Show Fee. *
Vendor Requirements (a copy of the vendor terms and conditions will be emailed to you upon approval of your application)
No booth will be held without a completed vendor application and $100 non-refundable deposit. The Fruita Fall Festival Committee may restrict the number of vendors selling duplicate items. Please fill out or attach all items to be sold with the application to be considered by the committee. Full payment is due no later than September 8th 2023 at 5:00 PM. After September 8, 2023, NO REFUNDS will be given. Any Vendor who has not paid in full on or before September 8, 2023 will be cancelled and will not be eligible for any refund. Vendor at that time will be replaced with vendors from our waiting list or will have option to reapply for their booth space as a new vendor if space available. The booth space and the immediate area around it must be kept clean during the Fruita Fall Festival and left clean at the end of the Fruita Festival. The Fruita Fall Festival shall have the authority to adjust booths for the visual and safety benefit of the entire Festival. Fruita Fall Festival has final authority over booth space issues. Vendors must be present at their booth during ALL festival hours until AT LEAST 8:00 PM (note the festival venue closes at 10:00 pm) Any vendor who opens late or shuts down before 8:00 PM will not be eligible for future Fruita Fall Festival events or as returning vendor. The Fruita Fall Festival utilizes a large amount of money to advertise these hours and we have consumers travel a long distance to attend based on what we have advertised, and their expectations need to be met or exceeded. All vendors are responsible for providing light as needed for their booth space and accommodate evening hours. The festival hours are as follows: Friday, September 22, 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM; Saturday, September 23, 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Vendors may choose to close their booth at 8:00 PM at the earliest but they CANNOT bring a vehicle onto festival grounds until all festival pedestrians have cleared out. On-site and overnight security will be provided at the Festival; however, the Fruita Fall Festival is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Vendors may NOT STAKE anything into the ground. Tents must be properly weighted by each vendor and not staked. Weights must be sufficient to accommodate possible wind conditions. Expect a variety of Colorado weather conditions and ensure your booth is properly secured. Staking of any kind is prohibited. Vendors not in compliance will be subject to a $300 fine by Fruita Fall Festival officials. All signs and accessory items must be confined within booth space vendors have noted above. There shall be no signs or accessory space utilized on the Fruita Fall Festival venue that has not received prior approval from the Fruita Fall Festival Committee. Accessories include: tents, awnings, tables, chairs, signs, etc. The Festival is a SMOKE FREE venue. No SMOKING in or around your booth. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. This includes vaporizers and e-cigarettes. NO PARKING OF VEHICLES within the closed venue roads, before/during/after event hours. All vendor vehicles must be parked outside of designated closed roads. A parking pass will be given to all vendors to put in their window in case event staff needs to contact you to move a vehicle. The Fruita Police Department has and will issue tickets if you are parked in designated no parking or handicap areas. Various events take place during the festival and vehicles prohibit event production. Vendor’s vehicles must have VENDOR PARKING PERMIT in their front window during the event. Vendors without parking permits visibly displayed in their front window could be subject to fines if parking in a no parking zone or unauthorized spaces. More parking permits are available upon request. ALL VENDORS must have vendor Insurance naming both the Fruita Chamber of Commerce and City of Fruita as the Certificate holders. This will protect vendors and the event administrators from liability claims. This protects vendors and the event organizers against claims filed for bodily injury or property damage from a third party. The Fruita Fall Festival attracts large crowds and should a participant decide to file a claim for an accident involving you and your booth, this vendor insurance could provide coverage for accidents and negligence. Coverage must be obtained with a minimum coverage amount of $1,000,000. Insurance may be obtained thru a personal provider or private insurance. For information on event insurance contact the Fruita Area Chamber of Commerce at 970-858-3894. ALL VENDORS are required to label power cords with booth name and number. Activities/Products Not Permitted If you plan on selling items not listed on your application, you must contact the Fruita Chamber of Commerce IMMEDIATELY. No items may be sold without prior written permission from the Coordinator and Fruita Fall Festival Committee. Dogs and other pets are NOT ALLOWED in booths or anywhere on the Festival site, except for properly authorized and marked service animals per City of Fruita Ordinance 9.03.005 (B) Special Events. The City of Fruita has many businesses which offer kennel opportunities, if needed. The festival will not accept any vendors that wishes to sell, advertise, or promote the use of nicotine, marijuana, smoking accessories, drug related products, sexually suggestive, obscene, or derogatory material. Vendors selected are not allowed to sell, advertise, or promote smoking of any kind at the Festival. Marijuana and Nicotine are not allowed to be sold, smoked, or consumed at the festival. This includes Vaporizers, Cigarettes, Pipes and Cigars. The festival will not accept any vendors that wish to fundraise, promote, or campaign for any political group, candidate, issue, or policy. Exceptions will be made for entries into the parade, please check parade guidelines for more info. Absolutely NO CAMPING is allowed on the venue. There are many surrounding camping facilities and if you need information for camp options, please contact the Fruita Area Chamber of Commerce for a list of options.
Local Handcraft & Artisan Requirements
The intention of this category is to enhance Fruita Fall Festival by celebrating our local harvest & artisan vendors The Fruita Fall Festival Committee may restrict the number of vendors selling similar items. Location will be determined by the Fruita Fall Festival Committee and is subject to change. -Local vendors will be given priority over other vendors. To be classified as a local craft or artisan vendor, you must be a current Mesa County resident within the following area codes: This category is intended for vendors making handmade goods including arts and crafts. To qualify for this category, all products being sold must be handmade. Examples of possible handmade goods that would classify as arts & crafts may include but are not limited to: Due to Fruita Fall Festival being multi-day event, all local harvest & artisan vendors are expected to be at Fruita Fall Festival during festival hours for both days. All vendors are required to have insurance prior to the event—please ask staff for insurance recommendations or clarification. Local Handcraft & Artisan · 81501, 81502, 81503, 81504, 81505, 81506, 81507 (Grand Junction) · 81520 (Clifton) · 81521 (Fruita) · 81522 (Gateway) · 81523 (Glade Park) · Ceramics · Fibers · Drawing · Painting · Glass · Jewelry · Metalwork · Mixed Media · 81524 (Loma) · 81525 (Mack) · 81526 (Palisade) · 81527 (Whitewater) · 81624 (Collbran) · 81630 (De Beque) · 81643 (Mesa) · Photography · Printmaking · Sculpture · Wood Working · Handmade soaps · Handmade decor · Handmade candles · Produce & cottage foods
Food Vendor Requirements
The Fruita Fall Festival Committee may restrict the number of vendors selling duplicate menu items. Please fill out or attach full menu items to application. The Committee will review menu items and does not promise food exclusivity. Food vendors must provide their own garbage cans (30-gallon or more). Municipal ordinance 9.3.001 allows the City of Fruita to assess clean-up fees and fines. The Fruita Fall Festival provides numerous large dumpsters for Vendors and Festival cleanup crews to utilize. Food Vendors are responsible for their own garbage cans. The Fruita Fall Festival will assist as time and resources allow, but the ultimate responsibility to remove trash and keep your booth area clean is the ultimate responsibility of the Food Vendor. Vendors are to keep extra stock within their trailer bull pen or neatly stacked and covered within the space requested on your application. Please keep your booth area neat and clean. Vendors must also provide ground cover inside their booth and cooking area for the absorption of grease. No food vendor will be allowed to open for business if the ground cover is not in place. No grease or gray water is to be poured onto the ground or down any drains. Anyone found doing this will be asked to leave the event and all money paid will be forfeited. The Fruita Fall Festival provides both grease disposal tanks and grey water tanks on the venue. Furthermore, after the Fruita Fall Festival those with trailers who may need to dump sewer or gray water, the City of Fruita on the south side of the freeway has dump stations at the Visitors Center. Any dumping on venue absolutely will not be tolerated. Pressurized water will not be available on the venue without clearance from the Fruita Chamber and must be self-contained in vendor set-up. You will need to have your own hand-washing station. Please bring appropriate hoses, hose connections and transport buckets. Power is based on a “Per Booth” basis no matter which size booth space is purchased. In the past we have had issues with vendors over-using power—vendors are required to only use the amount of power they have paid for. If your booth requires additional power, please speak to Chamber staff. Food Trucks, Caterers, and Concessionaries: All food vendors must be cleared by the Mesa County Health Department TWO WEEKS Prior to the Festival. To contact the Mesa County Health Department, please email: environmental.health@mesacounty.us or call 970-248-6900. Link for the application: https://www.gjcity.org/siteassets/parks-and-rec/pdfs/concessionaires/food-vendorqualification-packet-for-public-facilities.pdf Cottage Food Vendors: The Cottage Foods Act allows limited types of food products that are non-potentially hazardous (do not require refrigeration for safety) to be sold directly to consumers without licensing or inspection. Please review the Cottage Foods Act to ensure you are meeting Colorado requirements. To learn more, please visit: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdphe/cottage-foods-act Any question or concerns, please the appropriate agency: Mesa County Health Department—970-248-6900, City of Grand Junction-970-244-1501 City of Fruita- 970-858-3663
I have read and agree to the Fruita Fall Festival Terms & Conditions. By signing my name, I agree to those rules as a vendor.

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