2023 Fruita Farmers Market - Vendor Application

June 10th - October 28th
8:30am to 12:00pm
Reed Park
250 S Elm Street
Vendor Information
Please list the products and/or services you wish to offer at the market.
Vendor Type
Payment is required before all markets. You will NOT be added to the schedule for unpaid markets. If reserving for Full Season Booth, the full value must be paid up-front to receive discount and reserve booth space. Full Season Booth payments are due no later that June 1, 2023.
Invoices for full season vendors will be emailed prior to the opening day of the market. Drop in invoices will be billed weekly on Monday with a due date of Wednesday prior to the market, unless otherwise requested from the vendor.
Dates you plan to participate (select all that apply) *
*Family Fun Day
Application Requirements
(Every application must be submitted with the following. Applications submitted missing any information below will not be assigned or reserve a booth)
If you do not have a copy of your business license, it MUST be submitted BEFORE your first Farmer's Market.
If you do not currently have your City of Fruita Business License, you may email it to events@fruitachamber.org, or bring a copy to our office at 432 E Aspen Ave Fruita, CO 81521 *
If you do not have a copy of your annual fire inspection report, you may email it to us at events@fruitachamber.org or bring a copy to our office at 432 E Aspen Ave Fruita, CO 81521
Vendor Terms & Conditions
Full season payments are due by June 1, 2023. Drop in payments are due by Wednesday prior to your drop in date *
I understand that the full payment and schedule changes are due the Wednesday before each relevant market. Dropping out after Thursday results in forfeiting event fees, joining after Wednesday is unlikely, but at the Market Manager’s discretion. *
By submitting this application, I am APPLYING to the Fruita Farmers Market. I am not guaranteed a spot in the 2023 Farmers Market *
The Fruita Chamber reserves to right to decline any Fruita Farmers Market application and is NOT required to give reason. *
There will be no refunds given after Thursday at 5:00 before each market. (No full season refunds will be given after June 10th OR vendor’s first market, whichever is first.) *
I release and hold harmless the Fruita Farmers Market Committee, the Fruita Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Fruita and any associated entities from any and all liability, including, but not limited to, theft, personal injury, acts of war, or acts of God. *
I understand that by submitting this application I am committing to the Fruita Farmers Market. Unless I am told that my application has not been accepted or I am waitlisted, I plan on attending the Fruita Farmer’s Market as a vendor in good standing. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of all booth fees and an additional $20 No-Show Fee. *
I verify the above information is complete and accurate, I am an authorized signer for my company. Also, I understand all terms and conditions from both this application and all applicable supporting documents listed above. *
Application Process
-Staff will make every attempt to place full-season vendors in the same spot each market. However, please work with us on any changes made to layout and design of the market. Weekly maps will be created and emailed out 24 hours prior to the market. We do allow drop-in vendors so the map will change weekly however, we try to keep our full-season vendors in their same location/order.
-All applications will be reviewed and approved by the Fruita Area Chamber of Commerce and all applications are subject to approval. All vendors will be required to supply all their own equipment, product, signs, tables, chairs, canopies, tent weights, etc. needed for their product sales and setup.
-Dogs will be allowed at the market, but they must be leashed and well behaved. Please clean up after your pet.
Vendor Requirements
- All ready-to-eat Food Vendors must have qualified concessionaire status through the process administered by the Mesa County Health Department and be listed on the website as an approved vendor for the 2023 season. The Food Vendor application through Mesa County can be found at https://health.mesacounty.us/retail-food-safety/.
- A City of Fruita Business License or City of Fruita Special Event License must be acquired before market participation and must be prominently displayed.
-Vendors selling items for consumption must provide a certificate of insurance naming both the Fruita Area Chamber of Commerce AND the City of Fruita as Certificate Holders. This applies to ready to eat vendors including food trucks.
-Each booth space size is 10’X10’ and all signs and accessory items must be confined within booth space.
-I understand that this is a local market, vendors can supplement with other produce that is grown within a 100-mile radius in the State of Colorado. If produce has been supplemented, proper signage indicating where produce was purchased and from whom it was purchased.
Documentation is required to indicate where any supplemented produce is being provided from. Vendors who are selling produce that is not sourced in the State of Colorado within a 100-mile radius will be asked to remove the produce from their booth. If non-authorized produce sales continue, the vendor will be removed from the market and NO REFUND will be given. We participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and are REQUIRED to only allow produce in the State of Colorado. Not following these regulations could result in the remove of our market from the program. We ask that you are honest in where produce is sourced from. For questions, contact our office at 970-858-3894 or email events@fruitachamber.org
- Vendors are not allowed to “sell or sublet” their space. If you request more than one booth spaces, you must use both spaces for your approved business. If you no longer need two spaces, please let the Fruita Chamber know and the space will be assigned to a different vendor.
- If you have purchased an additional booth space, each 10’x10’ space must contain a tent to “fill” the space. You are not allowed to use fewer tents than spaces. You will be notified of this rule on the first offence and the following week, your space will be reduced to a 10’x’10’ space without a refund on the second space.
- Although vendors are assigned a booth space, the Market Manager reserves the right to move or relocate vendors as necessary to accommodate the market’s needs.
- Electricity may be requested however there are a limited number of booths that have access to electricity and an electric fee will be applied.
- The Venue Hours for 2023: 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM. All vendors are responsible for personal booth set up and must be set up 15 minutes before market opening and are not to tear down until 12:00 PM, unless Market Manager decides to close due to inclement weather.
- Vendors must have a canopy or large umbrella for shade. Tents must be properly weighted by each vendor and not staked. Staking of any kind is prohibited.
- Certified For Trade scales must be used for all items sold be weight.
- Vendors selling tax qualifying items are required to remit sales tax collected. Food sold to be eaten on the premises and other goods are subject to sales tax. There is no sales tax on food for home consumption. It is up to the vendor to comply with all State and City sales tax regulations.
- Retail Food Establishment license is required to be on file with the Fruita Farmers Market for all prepared food items sold at the market.
- Smoking is not allowed within the Farmers Market event area as a courtesy to our customers and other vendors.
- Each vendor is responsible for leaving their area neat and clean after the day’s market.
- A high quality of produce is to be maintained.
- Please move vehicles after finishing unloading to allow customers to be able to park their cars closer to the Market. Please refer to the Fruita Chamber for more information regarding parking.
- Booths will not be held for late vendors (arriving past 8:15 am). Holes in the market will be plugged as the manager sees fit to avoid an unsightly market. Continuous late arrivals may result in a late fee of up to $35 per market.
- Participants expected on any market day must notify the Chamber by Noon on the Thursday before the market if they are unable to attend. Failure to notify Chamber before the Thursday before the market will result in forfeiture of booth fees and may result in losing a space in the market and a no show fee of up to $35 per market.
- Participants must obtain approval from the Market Manager before introducing a new product not represented on application.
- The Fruita Farmer’s Market, Fruita Area Chamber of Commerce & City of Fruita assumes no responsibility for injury theft, loss or damages incurred.
- Any rude or offensive actions or language WILL NOT be tolerated, and vendor will be asked to immediately leave with NO REFUND.
- The Fruita Farmer’s Market will not accept any vendors that wish to sell, advertise, or promote the use of marijuana/vaping or marijuana/vaping accessories. Marijuana is not allowed to be sold, smoked, or consumed on the event venue.
- The Fruita Farmer’s Market will not accept any political groups as a vendor. Those that wish to collect signatures can respectfully walk the market or set up a table outside the market grounds in a public space.
- Distribution of printed materials (other than pre-approved vendor brochures), petitions, or political or religious advertisements is not permissible.
- I understand that this application does not guarantee a space in the Market.
- Fruita Farmer’s Market does participate in the Double Up Food Bucks program & SNAP coupons are also available for purchase at the Chamber booth. Food & Produce Vendors selling produce are encouraged to participate in these programs and reimbursement to farmers will happen monthly to vendors. Other arrangements can be made if necessary. Please contact the Market Manager if you would like to learn more about SNAP/DUFB participation.
- Fruita Farmer’s Market reserves the right to adjust, clarify or edit any part of this application at any time.
- Vendors are not allowed to promote their booths in front of neighboring booths or more than 5 feet outside of their booth.
- No knives or guns (real or fake) will be allowed to be sold or used within Market hours.
- Market Manager has final decision without EXCEPTION!
I have read and agree to the Fruita Farmer’s Market Terms and Conditions. By signing my name, I agree to those rules as a vendor.
Once your application is approved, you will be invoiced for the amount due. For questions, please contact our office at 970-858-3894 or email events@fruitachamber.org

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